Monday, January 13, 2014

House of Gates

Gate by the stairs. Gate by our bedroom. Move that gate over there. No wait, I need one over here. ...and we don't even have kids! I'm tired of gates. They're ugly, they're expensive, and they're leaving marks on our walls. Don't get me wrong, Ranger is a good dog, but I like to keep him out of certain areas.
I saw this idea on Pinterest, and knew J could tackle it. When we started all of our renovations he invested in several new tools and saws, so he's been itching for reasons to use them. Of course, we still have plenty of renovations left to finish, but sometimes you need to just step away and do something else.
So, I present to you, our bedroom dog gate:
I still have to stain it, but I had to share. It turned out great and it's so much better than those annoying baby gates (and a fraction of the price!).


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  2. What did you use over the door jam that it's connected to? :)

  3. Thank you so much. I tried this and it worked great! I know my dogs will probably jump on it, so I decided to keep it unfinished for now. It cost less than $50 to make including the hardware and looks so much better than anything you can buy.