Sunday, August 28, 2011

Hurricane Irene Aftermath

New Jersey gave me a fond farewell during my last weekend as a NJ resident. It is currently 5:00pm on Sunday and we are about to experience the tail end of Hurricane Irene. It'll just be some minor wind and rain for a couple of hours, but I'm sure it's the last thing the communities that flooded overnight will want.

We're staying at my parent's house in the interim between moves, and their town went mostly unscathed. Aside from some trees coming down, and power being out for half a day, we fared extremely well compared to some other places in the NYC area.

However, J and I like to keep a sense of humor about about things, so we had a fun time taking photos of all the damage incurred on my parent's street...

There were dirty BMW's...
...and rogue leaves everywhere.
There was epic flooding...
...but luckily the neighborhood's witch problem was solved.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hey Y'all

...or is it "howdy y'all?" I guess either way is better than the standard northern Jersey greeting of, "Hey, whaddaya lookin' at?"

So this is it, my new blog. And this is the new blog post where I will swear to update this religiously and not let it fall into obscurity like all my previous blog attempts. This is the one. The one that redeems me from my self-proclaimed title of "failed blogger." Really.

I'll save everyone lots of reading and just cut to the chase. This is probably the most self-centered blog that I have ever attempted to write. It isn't about crafts, or MINI Cooper stuff, or even recipes. It is simply about me. Of course, to write something about me will inevitably include crafts, and MINI Cooper stuff, and recipes, but this is inherently different.

Since it is official that I am leaving my little nest in New Jersey and migrating south, I have decided to start a blog to chronicle the adventures I will be facing in my new life as a cowgirl Texan. While all of you may be atwitter over the word "adventures," I assure that my life is in no way glamorous. The biggest adventure I have on a weekly basis is to see how wrinkled the laundry is that I forgot in the dryer four days ago... crap, be right back.

So this is it. My little piece of the web where I can write about my life, post pictures, share ideas... my own little facebook page blog. For now I will leave it at that. I want to let this develop on its own instead of trying to box it into any specific type of blog about anything in particular. It's just me, my mind and my journey to find a better new life as a Texas girl.

For now though, I gotta go finish that laundry... or leave it in the dryer. Whatever.