Sunday, March 24, 2013

Simple Decor Solutions: Bedroom

We've been doing a lot of work on our home and yard since returning from NJ. I don't know if its necessarily to keep our minds off of my father's passing, but it helps. Most are projects that we already had planned, but some were fairly spur of the moment.
We've done a ton of work to our backyard, which will be featured in its own post. Short story: new patio, raised garden boxes, and freshly planted beds. Long story: same as the short version, but with full details and photos. That's coming soon!
For now, to help me get back into the swing of blogging again, I figured a simple post with our bedroom updates will do. These were nothing major. I sewed our new curtains, and we hung wedding pictures. Sounds simple enough, right? The difference it made was fantastic!
The top picture is our room right after we moved in. The curtains don't match because they were left by the previous owner. As you can see, we also changed our bedding and moved furniture around. Really, the room only looked like the top photo for a little while. It had been in an in between phase for several months.
Anyway, here are the wedding photos that we hung:
And here are our curtains:
I had actually purchased curtains that were too short, but I loved the design. Solution? Buy complimentary fabric from Hobby Lobby and add to the bottom. You can better see the two designs in this photo:
And there you have it! A nice cozy bedroom. We're still on the lookout for a chair to place in front of the window, and the wall across from our bed is seriously lacking in style, but it's half-done at least. Small victories...

Friday, March 1, 2013

My absence

I'll have a much longer post about this at some point, but I just wanted to apologize for my lack of updates.

The day after my last post I found out that my father had a massive stroke. We immediately flew to NJ to be with him and my family. He passed away a few days later, and we remained up in NJ until after the services. We were there for nearly 2 weeks and, as you can imagine, I wasn't really in the mood for blogging.

I was very close to my dad, and it has been an incredibly difficult time. At some point I will dedicate a lengthy post to my feelings and memories, but I'm just not ready to write that right now. I'll be resuming posting as usual, but not because I'm callous or uncaring. I just need to get on with things, day by day. I will need to get a post out about all of this at some point, but not yet. Definitely not yet...

I will say this though: Always say "I love you." Cherish every day. And never go to bed angry. I try to live my life like this, and I am so thankful that I do. I miss my dad terribly, but I have no regrets. The last thing I said to him just the day before his stroke was, "I love you."