Wednesday, October 12, 2011

One Month Later

So, its been a while, but I've been busy... busy working. Yeah, that's right. No more unemployment for me. I am now an active part of the Texas workforce. So how is it going?

Well... I really like my job! Its a lot different than what I was used to back up in Jersey, but I've adjusted. Its a very small office, but its a great group of people. Its going well, and I enjoy it. Other than that, I won't go into details. My professional life isn't something I tend to post about on blogs, Twitter, or even Facebook, but I figured I owed an explanation for my lack of posts over the past few weeks. So there it is.

Outside of work things are also going well, although I tend to feel like something of a novelty down here. As soon as I open my mouth people can tell that I'm not from Texas. Its then a game of 20 questions about where I'm from, why I'm here, and if there really are people like the ones on Jersey Shore. And of course, during the conversation the other person will constantly point out words that I say with a Jersey accent... I understand that I say TAWK instead of TALK. And I would bet money that I'll never pronounce it differently, so lets move on with our lives. I think y'all TAWK funny too.

I wouldn't go as far as to say that I feel like an outsider because that sounds too negative... like people shun me because I'm a northerner. That absolutely doesn't happen. Everyone across the board gives me a friendly, "Welcome to Texas! You're going to love it here." No one has told me to go back to NJ... yet.

I guess I just feel like a curiosity... And that's honestly the reaction I get. People are curious about how we live, work, act, talk, etc. As many rumors as we hear about the South, they hear the same amount about the North. And, unfortunately, everyone equates NJ with the Sopranos and Jersey Shore, so that results in a lot of questions in itself: Am I Italian? Why aren't I tan? Why don't I have big hair?

I really don't mind all of the questions... most times they're actually quite amusing. Its just odd not fitting in. I knew it would take time to adjust to a new house, new job, new town, new climate, etc, but I guess I just didn't realize how many differences there really are. Its not like I moved from NJ to NY or something. Its NJ to TX. North to South. Guido to redneck. Okay, maybe not so much that last one, but you get the point.

Don't get me wrong, I do absolutely love it down here and have no plans of ever moving back north. I'm just surprised by the amount of differences and the length of time its going to take to adjust to all of them. What also surprises me are the things that make me feel homesick at times... Facebook posts about going apple picking, photos of autumn foliage, MINI events that I can no longer participate in, even the difference in food can get to me some times. (Tip: for the love of all things good and holy, DO NOT attempt to eat pizza, Italian food, or bagels anywhere outside of the NYC area)

Granted, I'll be BBQ'ing while the majority of my Facebook newsfeed is bogged down with complaints of cold weather and snow in a couple of months, but still... gloating about the weather doesn't always make the transition easier. In the end, I'll adapt. There will always be things that I miss, but I can already tell that there is far more to love down here.